Benjamin Lee Simpson

There is nothing like it – the rush that comes from crafting a piece of functionality, squashing a long standing bug, grokking development patterns, or just making the test suite run green.

I run a blog on software development, contribute to StackOverflow, contribute to open source projects, and am an open source advocate. When not developing I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, biking, gaming, reading science fiction, writing, teaching, and cooking.

I currently build software as part of the Influence Health team. My operating systems, editors, databases, and version control technologies all change, but I always find myself enjoying that same rush of developing software, no matter the configuration.

Technical Skills

Like: ruby, ruby-on-rails, php, sql, javascript, bash, mysql, postgres, gnu, linux, git, vim, node, angular, amazon-web-services


Engineering Lead Influence Health,  January 2016 – Current

ruby, ruby-on-rails, postgresql, amazon-web-services, angular

  • Manage team of engineers and QA to develop and test social marketing, and CRM platform
  • Worked with product to determine priority/severity/business value of various pieces of work
  • Heavy refactorings of Rails applications to improve performance, reduce defects, improve maintenance
  • Implemented development cadence that involves pull requests, peer reviews, pairing, green test suite
  • Scripted Hubot to rotate pull request assignments across the team
  • Installed and configured Jenkins with scripting to run Ruby and Javascript linting and unit tests and comment on a Github pull request
  • Implemented and maintained data pipeline services in AWS to move data from PostgreSQL RDS to Redshift
  • Improved deployment strategy by implementing a tagged release with a preprod server
  • Secured sensitive information in repositories using the git-crypt GPG solution
  • Dockerized Rails application for portability and eventual scaling goals. This doubled as our Jenkins testbed to
    contain dependencies
  • Gave tech talks on various topics including Git, SQL, testing, Hubot
    Upgraded large Rails application from 3.x to 4.0

Team and Technical Lead, Analog Analytics, February 2013 – Current

ruby, rails, osx, pivotaltracker, skype, mysql, angularjs, flowdock

  • Daily core contributor across multiple codebases (Ruby and Java services, Rails web application, Selenium test suite)
  • Planning calls with the business to t­shirt size potential work
  • Refinement of high level business requirements into actionable work by engineering sometimes including adding tasks, and decomposing stories
  • Estimations of engineering stories
  • Communication to stakeholders on progress of stories and any impediments, risks
  • 3 Amigos planning sessions to establish acceptance criteria
  • QA coordination and assistance with deliverables
  • Removing blockers from team including infrastructure issues, keeping backlog in order, reducing churn
  • Exploratory testing, and monitoring of finished code to find defects
  • Discuss and spike possible implementation
  • Coordinate development efforts, pairing, tech talks

Software Developer, MojoTech, March 2011 – February 2013

ruby, rails, ruby-on-rails, sql, postgres, javascript, jquery, css, haml, git, github, tmpl, balsamic

  • Implemented contact duplicate detection by implementing an equivalency class
  • Converted Javascript components into jQuery plugins for reuse, and ease of implementation
  • Implemented API to manage Resque jobs, including polling, and deleting jobs matching patterns
  • Expanded and overhauled test suite using best practices with Rspec
  • Developed wireframes using Balsamic for a client delivery
  • Implemented Redis based caching mechanism for large datasets to improve page load times
  • Integrated metaphone based name searching using facilities in Postgresql, and pg_search gem for Ruby
  • Developed a flexible, and unobtrusive in place edit library in Javascript
  • Hand tuned SQL queries to optimize query times for complex data relationships
  • Modularized project for code re-usability and logical partitioning
  • Implemented an AJAX driven profile picture uploader, and cropper using jQuery fileupload, and jcropper.

Software Developer, Beacon Interactive Systems, March 2010 – March 2011

ruby, rails, ruby-on-rails, sql, sqlite, javascript, jquery, css, haml, git

  • Wrote code in a BDD style using Cucumber, Rspec, Capybara, and the Selenium web driver
  • Practiced the agile methodologies of SCRUM, 2 week iterations, and user stories
  • Packaged cross-application code into a gem for easy reuse
  • Participated in code reviews by contributing constructive feedback
  • Gathered system requirements from a client looking to implement a replacement for their tracking system
  • Helped debug production database queries by tuning indexes
  • Built several SBIR applications for government application using Ruby and the Rails framework


BAS in Technology Management, Clayton State University, 2012

AASIT, Clayton State University, 2002 – 2006


CompTIA A+ Certified, 2008

Projects & Interests

Stack Overflow,, June 2011 – Current

Written 55 answers. Active in ruby-on-rails and ruby.

GitHub – Nickname,, August 2011

Generate a populated ActiveRecord model of nicknames

Creator, maintainer


ruby-on-rails, jquery

An interactive Ruby on Rails routes editor

Creator, owner


ruby, ruby-on-rails, jquery, postgres, heroku, git

SAMEXHIBIT brings your portfolio back into your control.
Welcome to the simplest and fastest portfolio solution on the web.
With no configuration required for a great looking portfolio.


GitHub – kaminari,, October 2011 – September 2012

A Scope & Engine based, clean, powerful, customizable and sophisticated paginator for Rails 3


GitHub – Tix Clock,, Oct 2017

Tix clock clone made in Angular 4 with Typescript component, and CSS grid


Slack Archive Viewer, May 2017
reactjs, node


GitHub – sudoku_solver,, June 2012

A Sudoku solver, written in Vanilla JS

Creator, maintainer

GitHub – resque-scheduler,, August 2012 – November 2013


A light-weight job scheduling system built on top of resque


GitHub – vim-rubytest,, December 2012 – June 2014

Run ruby test in vim


Fuzzy Matching in PostgreSQL with Nicknames,

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Taking the Magic Out of ActiveRecord – Speed up that Query!,

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Bringing the Dead Back to Life,

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Modding Out Bob – MojoTech,

Modding Out Bob – MojoTech’s Blog

Refactoring With the Observer Pattern

What is the Observer Pattern? Have you written a system that has the concept of “events” that need to notify users?

Assign Pull Requests with Hubot

ChatOps was a term our DevOps person shared with me. Its the concept of automating everything you can through your company chat client.



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