Well, the Regular Guys Show has been canned. They are the latest victims of the Macarthy-esk FCC crackdown on “indecent content”. When will this tyranny end? There is now a gap in morning shows. I made a desperate attempt to listen to the 99X morning show, and it was a mistake. They are completely immature and just rude. Not funny, just obnoxious. I have been robbed of my morning routine, and I would encourage everyone to write your congressmen, about the FCC’s actions.



The basement is in a state of neverending upgrades. I dont feel like it is my place yet because all of the stuff that is out is not where I would put it. MY dad does some electrical work and leaves 50 tools out on my desks, and the contractor unplugs my rear left speaker. I must have organization damnit!

Question – If you are “trying a product” and it is great, would you want to know what other comepting products out there are like, or would you be content with what you have?


We got Diablo II up and running on 5 computer at the house tonight. I opened the portal to Tristham and the server crashed. Teamspeak is kinda sucky over a wireless connection. It sounds like trying to order something at McDonalds through the drive thru.

Well, I have a flash animation due in 45 minutes.


Well, several things have been going on lately. First off, I am sure that you have seen the MAJOR CSS problems I am having. I have the PHP working, however all of my styles are GONE. I will ask John if he comes in today, since he is the .css master. (I hope)


Yesterday smoothed out a lot of the bumps in the road. I am now comfortable with directory structures and basic manipulation of files through a terminal, however the more knowledge of advanced functions would have been nice. I tried a text based ftp client for about two minutes before I moved on to “gftp”. Some things are just easier with a GUI, no matter what anyone says.

tk-Seti@home is up and running and pumping out results every 6 hours (beating my home computer which has a 2600+ CPU
Sylpheed-Claws is configured to manage my emails, and GAIM does instant messaging.

I have also decided that I am going to make a walkthrough for anyone who wants to experiment with Debian on a laptop. There is a lot of stuff you have to know to do (unlike sticking a Windows CD in and waiting). It will be on my left sidebar under projects. Check it out from time to time.

Debian aside, the shower has been installed in my basement, and within a week (hopefully) I will have my very own bathroom in the basement. And everyone knows what that means… LAN PARTY!!!

And to top of this Faulkner-esk blog post, I am happy to say that Longhorn was a pleasure to be at last night. After, that is, the Depp bashfest was countered with cracks about Johnny Cash’s new CD stopping at track 7 because he fell over dead. 🙂

I’ll shut up now…



I have to say that all in all I am quite impressed with the state of Linux. I had always envisioned a sort of sickly, limited fragile piece of software that was prone to being useless to the masses. People out there have really put there heads together and developed some incredible open source software. Not the best business decision if you want to make mony, but programs like OpenOffice is almost identical in functionality to MS Office.

“apt-get install” is a Godsend, and Gnome provides a professional GUI (as opposed to KDE which is a joke). Updates will continue, as I am still in the beginning stages.


If you have ever heard someone say that a particular piece of software is the spawn of satan, and they are aluding to Windows, you can now tell them that they are wrong. Flash MX 2004 has been the latest thorn in my life. Using it makes you feel worse inside than the remorse you feel for seeing the hobos getting shot with paintball guns.

Macromedia has decided to convert the Flash MX trial version into MX 2004 when you register it, updating the software as necessary. And there is a difference between MX and MX 2004, namely the entire process of writing Actionscript. And there is simply little to no tutorials out there for the new actionscript. Macromedia has released a product that has no support to it. And after fumbling through an entire day of tutorials that didn’t match my software, I can say that Flash trumps anything Windows has ever done.


Ok, well the concept of PHP comments are dead, seeing that my webserver (student.claytonstate.net) does not support anything other than HTML. Comments will be here someday… Damn the CCSU server, full speed ahead!

Recent news is that I have been completely humbled at the installation of Debian onto my laptop. Yes Brian, Debian – me; I am running Linux now 🙂

And some more brain food to crunch on. I got this in an email:

“The average age of the worlds greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

From bondage to spiritual faith;
From spiritual faith to great courage;
From courage to liberty;
From liberty to abundance;
From abundance to complacency;
From complacency to apathy;
From apathy to dependence;
From dependence back into bondage.”

– Alexander Tyler (a Scottish history professor at The University of Edinburgh)

It seems to me like we are going from the abundancy to complacency phase. Few people give a shit about anything outside of the realm of consumer electronics and DVD box sets anymore.


I was flattered to find out today that people are actually aware of my little corner on the web. Spreads like fire I guess. Since people are (hopefully) enjoying the content, I have decided to pick up the task of creating a new AMV, since my skills with image and movie manipulation have improved since the GITS days. Well, give me a few weeks and lets see how it turns out.

And by the way, PHP comments are coming, it is just tricky, and I havent been able to pull myself away from UT2004 long enough to bother with it.


Ok, a serious update about my life. I picked up Kristin at 6:00 pm on Saturday, and dropped her back off at midnight on Sunday. We spent the whole time together doing all of that relationship stuff that I will spare my readers descriptions of. To sum up the situation, I feel comfortable telling her that I love her now. I have been considering it for weeks, and never felt like I should say it. Anyone can argue that I am 19, and I can’t possible know all of the meanings of what I say with that word, however, my argument is simple: If she is the person that I enjoy to be with the most, and wait to hear from and can’t imagine myself without, then what is that?


Looks like this is going to be an Ad Aware day. 914 objects on my first computer of the day, and 274 on the second. I really take the built in pop-up blocker and security features in Firefox for granted after just a few weeks of use.