For anyone who gets bored around five o’clock in the afternoon, try listening to the “88 Update” on 88.5 FM. It is pretty funny sometimes, and the guy reminds me of Larry Wax from the Regular Guys. Those good old days… Damn you Janet Jackson.


Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo and for those of you who don’t know, it is a celebration of Mexican Independence. Kristin, Jennifer, Sarah, Amy and myself all went to On the Border to get dinner. Being the shy white boy with no dancing talent that I am, I had no intention of making a scene. That being said, Kristin literally made me get out on the floor and booty dance with the whole crew. Not wanting attention, I tried to sit back down after they all surrounded me but the DJ saw me standing with four women and said “Uh oh, look over there everyone. That boy is outdoing all of us!”. I could feel my face blushing uncontrollably. A dance contest ensued, and the winners (not me) got T-shirts.

So yes Kristin, I had fun, but I will get you back! 🙂


The “Install Debian” link actually works now. All that I needed was time to make it. I am sure it will have many updates / corrections in the future, but that should get the masses started.


New Renaissance festival pictures. Click here.

It took me WAY to long to do these thumbnails. I deleted the pictures from the camera, then from two different computers. I actually lost the best one (in my opinion). The perfect example of a 5 minute project turning into an hour. Sometimes I hate computers.


TheHoagie: Wal-mart does not exist to me
Chris: there is a wal-mart everywhere?
TheHoagie: I do not see them
Chris: lol, did they insult your mother?
TheHoagie: To sumate the point I have for not shopping at Wal-Mart
TheHoagie: And I hope you are ready…
TheHoagie: Wal-Mart is the example of all large corporations seeking to undermine the US economy by driving down prices, and drawing in consumers in so doing, to the manufacturers to an impossibly low level. When the manufactures cannot fill these requests, they move their businesses overseas to reduce costs. The companies then lay off the American labor, and the unemployed then try to make ends meet by shopping at Wal-Mart, thus completing the evil cycle.
TheHoagie: Do you understand now?
Chris: I get that
Chris: but that’s like saying “I don’t like the way foreigners are in charge of our oil prices”
TheHoagie: So are you a believer now?
Chris: nobody likes it, but there isn’t a dang thing you can do about it
TheHoagie: Wait…there is though
TheHoagie: Don’t shop at Wal-Mart
Chris: so where do you buy shoes?
TheHoagie: A specialized shoe store
Chris: which competes with other shoe stores
TheHoagie: Foot Locker, Athletes Foot, etc
Chris: driving down prices
TheHoagie: Right, but all they do is shoes
Chris: and sustaining the drive to keep your shoes made in singapore
TheHoagie: As opposed to catering every product
Chris: unfortunatly, I see no place where you are not driving manufacturers elsewhere
Chris: which is the root of the problem
TheHoagie: I understand what you mean
TheHoagie: And for a large portion, you are right – there isnt a damn thing you can do about it
TheHoagie: But, I cant just completely take it in the ass from Wal-Mart
TheHoagie: I will always support the underdog, whoever it is at the time
Chris: I see your point, I’ve been over it many times with a friend of mine
Chris: it’s just difficult, because you can’t stop capitalism
Chris: nor would I want to
TheHoagie: So are we doomed?
TheHoagie: Or is there a way to stop this mess?
Chris: if there is a way
Chris: I’ve never figured it out
TheHoagie: Me neither
Chris: yeah, she’s wicked smart and she argues the exact same point you do
TheHoagie: You know, btw that Wal-Mart rivals the US Government in purchasing power?
TheHoagie: That scares me
Chris: I believe it, because I worked for a company that supplied grocery stores
Chris: wal-mart sold our products cheaper than anywhere else
Chris: becuase they ordered more,
Chris: kroger would sell 50 boxes and make 10 cents a box
Chris: more like $10 a box
TheHoagie: See that is messed up
Chris: walmart, sells 100 boxes and makes $5 a box
TheHoagie: That doesn’t even cover shipping costs
TheHoagie: There is no way a mom and pop shop can compete with that kind of power
Chris: but see most of what wal-mart buys, they don’t ship
Chris: I worked for a cookie company
TheHoagie: And yet, mom and pop shops is what our capitalism and entrapreneurial system is based on
Chris: we bought cookies, and sold them to wal-mart, kroger etc
Chris: they just open up the doors and let us sell the stuff
TheHoagie: The mass of cookies that you sold must have been a wake up call
Chris: but see, you can’t bring ma and pop stores back
Chris: believe me, I lived in ohio
TheHoagie: Well, even Wal-Mart at one point in time was “just a store”
Chris: it’s pretty backwards, there are more mom and pop stores there than anwhere I believe
Chris: but they’re all going away
TheHoagie: Sam Walton took a risk and it paid off
Chris: and is still paying off
TheHoagie: So where are all of these “Sam Walton” opportunities going to?
Chris: but what can you do about it?
Chris: to take them away goes against the very fabric of our economy as well
Chris: excuse me
Chris: for the government to take them away
TheHoagie: Trust busting is dead
TheHoagie: I just dont see any way of going back without government intervention
TheHoagie: And as it is now, Wal-Mart has more say than the government
TheHoagie: From a business perspective, if you are refused by Wal-Mart distribution, your business is dead
Chris: I don’t know if I would go that far
Chris: as a general rule, anything you buy from wal-mart you may purchase elsewhere
TheHoagie: True, but people don’t because of convienence
TheHoagie: Here is where I am pulling my information from
TheHoagie: Read that, it is damn interesting


Ok, it looks like my Music Midtown plans have been shot to shit. The person that I was planning on going with can only get one day off this weekend. I am going to suggest that maybe one of his relatives needs to *die*. Anyways, I don’t particularly feel like going to downtown Atlanta via MARTA by my white-ass self. After a month of anticipation, I am scrambling at the last minute to find a solution that will work. Symbolic for my life, is it not?


Well, since I am down here in SSSS (read that as purgatory), I will make another post. For anyone who hasn’t been to the Renaissance Festival, it kicks a whole lot of medieval ass. If you have a 99X Freeloader’s Card, the admission is buy one ($12) get one free. Get a turkey leg, throw ninja stars, buy a sword, try on a kilt, get a swinging chair, and have a whole lotza’ fun!

Also, I am planning a SUSHI dinner for anyone who is interested after finals are over. A group of us are going to meet at “I Love Sushi” in Conyers. If you are interested, send me an email at csu16451@mail.claytonstate.net and I will keep you updated. If you have never tried it, don’t worry, neither have the Cowboy or my girlfriend – so you won’t be alone.


Don, don, DAAAA!!! (Evil music, if you can’t tell). Finals are approaching. All of the projects that I was supposed to be doing the entire semester actually have to be done now. That mean no TV and no beer make Ben go something something… I have to say that productivity is up. And the falling asleep while driving to work and waking up to the sound of the car wheels leaving the asphalt is a living Hell. Before I die on my commute, I want to wish everyone the best of luck on their finals and projects.

And just for shits and giggles, I found this picture particularly amusing. It captures John’s love for NWN (he actually likes to believe he is the character) and Wendy’s undying enthusiasm for all things in life.


Wow. I have just written my first shell script. I was under pressure from Vernard Martin to run 200 sequential tests about the DMA configurations of my HDD. Everyone in the class is doing each of these test by hand, and then copying and pasting the results into a report. I just wrote a do -while loop to take care of all that messiness for me. Yes I understand how major geek this is, but I have three hours of my life BACK. Hell yeah for Linux!!


Well, I think that it is safe to say we have started something down in VS. First off, though, I would like to say poo on Wendy. Poo poo poo on Wendy. Ha there! Now, back to the reason that I am posting: It seems that my recent switch to Debian has caused a small following. I have convinced David to give it another shot, and Sundiata is installing it on a virtual machine. Wendy now, it seems wants in on the Debian action too. Soon John, soon all of VS will run Linux and smile. 🙂