There is nothing like it – the rush that comes from crafting a piece of functionality, squashing a long standing bug, grokking development patterns, or just making the test suite run green.

I got my start working at the help desk of Clayton State University. My first exposure into software development was to rewrite the department website, and calendering application for appointments. My tools were different back then; I used DebianMySQLCVS, and PHP to create an in-house solution.

I moved into Administrative Systems at Clayton State University, and worked on a wide range of enterprise applications, and reporting. I gained lots of experience working with a range of technologies. During my tenure, I helped transform the iron curtain of Microsoft technologies into a more agile, and adaptable open source environment by introducing FirefoxChromeSubversion, GNU/LinuxApacheMySQLPHP, and Ruby on Rails.

After a few years in New England honing my Ruby on Rails experience, I moved back to Atlanta, GA, with my wife, daughter, and six animals. I have a BAS in Technology Management, and certifications for CompTIA A+, and STI Certified Helpdesk Professional.

I run a blog on software development, contribute to StackOverflow, contribute to open source projects, and am an open source advocate. When not developing I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, biking, gaming, reading science fiction, writing, teaching, and cooking.

I currently build software as part of the Influence Health. My operating systems, editors, databases, and version control technologies all change, but I still find myself enjoying that same rush of developing software, no matter the configuration.