Eastbound and Down, Loaded Up and Truckin’

Exciting news for the Simpsons; we have decided to make the move back to Atlanta. We just miss everything too much! It has been a journey, full of ups and downs, but the time is just right for us to part ways with New England.

Morrigan is growing fast, and we will soon (maybe already) outgrow our current residence in Barrington, Rhode Island. With the decision to move anyway, the question was where, and not if. I am excited to live near family again and look forward to Morrigan having a relationship with them instead of getting together once or twice a year. There is even talks of Kristin’s mom doing some babysitting when Kristin goes back to work.

Zoo Atlanta holds employment opportunities for Kristin, complete with paid part-time work, and we just got tired of holding out for Roger Williams Zoo. It must be a fantastic employer because in two years, there have only been a handful of people to leave, and those positions were filled quickly. My employer has been gracious enough to allow me to continue working remotely, which is a big relief logistically. Now I don’t have to pick between where I live and where I work. I can be happy with both choices.

Finally, the cost of housing in Atlanta gives us lots more room for all of Morrigan’s toys. We have goals of paying off our student loans, and the cost of housing goes a long way in helping that. Yes, one day we hope to be homeowners. Maybe with a nice green lawn, and a white Picket fence.

Kristin has been a blessing with her house hunting gifts. She has once again managed to find an incredible home. It is in a nice area on the North side, near the city, but far enough out to be quieter. We are also near family, and near plenty of shops and restaurants. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

So au revoire New England, its been swell. I’ll be back to visit now, ya’ hear?



  1. Kellie says:

    Congrats on your return! We look forward to seeing you and and the family and definitely count on having our little ones meet when you get back down here!


  2. Nice! We’ll have to get a beer sometime.


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