Google Set for World Domination

googleI don’t know what has happened in the last six or so months, but my relationship with Google has drastically changed. It started out with their superior searching – it wasn’t quick for me to ditch everything else in favor of Google’s search engine. When Gmail came out, I remember laughing about how excited people were to get a coveted invitation. To me they were a search company who was using their name to advertise what should have been a sub-par email solution.  Now, I am a fan of Gmail.

Next, I remember using Google Maps, then Google Docs. Then came Google Picasa, and I was clued into Google Analytics.

Now is the point in my story where we arrive at Google Calendar. The interface was really good, and I noticed that whatever task I wanted to do always seemed to be right where I was looking for it – no doubt the product of heavy usability testing. When I compared it to Outlook webmail’s calendar interface, I remember laughing at how pathetic Microsoft’s offering was.

This is when I reached critical mass with Google’s products. Quickly following came Reader, the Chrome browser, my new Android phone (a Motorola Cliq), Listen, Wave, Checkout, iGoogle, and Products!

I think that Google is the only company that can provide a consistent, integrated, cohesive experience that rivals what Apple offers its users. I am at the point now where if Google moved to a subscription based model, I would almost undoubtedly pay whatever the monthly fee was.

Congrats Google on continuously creating, and updating solid, tested, quality products!


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