Bubble Tea

Lately I have been experimenting with Bubble Teas at home. The term “Bubble Tea” is just a blanket term for a wide variety of teas that have Tapioca pearls in the drink. Kristin got me a starter kit a while back, and they are quite easy to assemble (though I haven’t replicated the exact taste from the restaurants).

The key is in making the Tapioca pearls ahead of time. Too little cooking and they are chewy and dry inside. With too much cooking, the pearls just fall apart into a pudding. Shown below was a batch that came out fairly well. Additionally, if you cover them in water, or syrup, they can be frozen, and thaw in good condition.

Left is a Strawberry Bubble Tea, over ice (the easiest to make). True to its name, it tastes almost like a Nesquik strawberry syrup. I give it a 6/10.

Right is an Avocado Bubble Tea, blended with ice. This is a more foreign taste than strawberry, but very addictive once you acquire the taste. It tastes like a very thick milkshake. This was made from an Avocado powder, but I want to try it from fresh avocados soon.

If you have never tried Bubble Teas, I recommend them. You can find them at a few of the Vietnamese restaurants on Hwy 54 next to Clayton State – Dai Loi included. I think I am going to have to go this week to satisfy my cravings.


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