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I recently wanted to send an online birthday card to my wife. I looked online for a while, and the big player in the field seemed to be (with good reviews). I read a review stating that their cards were $2.95 each – a little steep for an online card, but I found a really funny one that I was set on using.

I clicked on the “personalize this card” button, and it asked me to login to my account, or create a new one. I did this, and supplied my CC number thinking I would be charged the $2.95 for the transaction after I sent the card (prices were never listed anywhere). I sent the card, and a few minutes, later I received this email:

“This email is confirmation of your FREE Trial Membership to…” – I opted into no such “membership”.

I logged into my new account to view the status of this order, and the “purchase history” section said I had purchased an “eCard membership” that would automatically renew one year from now. Again, wanting no such membership, so I tried to cancel the order.

I was funneled into their help section, which boils down to a 1-800 number with an automated phone system, then a 10 minute hold time to speak to an operator (online cancellation is currently “unavailable”). It took me several tries to get to a person, as the phone tree just dead ends and hangs up all over the place. When I spoke with the operator, she hassled me about why I wanted to cancel my account.

I am so sick of these shady business practices. AmericanGreetings could have made a quick $2.99. Instead, they sent the card for free (since I canceled my trial membership), plus now the added expense of staffing their call centers for canceling trial memberships, and has lost a customer for life.

If I ran, the choice of which business model to use would have been a pretty easy one to make.



  1. Heather says:

    I too am experiencing a problem with this website. I was unsuccessful in getting my account canceled due to their lack of having a customer service rep. to talk to when I tried to cancel my subscription. The call center hangs up on you when it cannot figure out how to help! Now my card has been charged for another year of service that I do not want! I have emailed the help center but the last time I did this, it gave me the contact number that did not have a person to talk to!!! I am very frustrated right now and very much feeling taken advantage of!!!


  2. onya Weaver says:

    I having problems with print the card out I want my printer working when I press print card it come back as error has a occour is my subcrition still good tONYAWeaver


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