Project: Tile Kitchen a Success

The Jew in me springs for very few purchases on a whim. While perusing through our local Home Depot, we saw a tile special, at .59 for a 12×12 ft tile. We had talked about tiling previously, but we figured now was as good as ever. We have more time than money, and my dad agreed to foot the bill in place of rent.

Recently, I finished that tiling project in our kitchen and laundry room. The previous flooring was linoleum straight out of 1970. It went well with the yellow shag carpet that was also in the house (replaced long before we got there).

What you are looking at is genuine tile, not that stick on stuff – no that would have been too easy.  The tile extends the entire kitchen, and laundry room. As usual, photography doesn’t really do the project justice, so you will have to see it in person to get the full “wow” effect.

A closeup of the tile with its sandstone color grout:


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  1. Matt Todd says:

    Nice man! Congrats!


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