The World Ends: September 20th

As CERN gets ready to fire up its LHC officially on September 10, the European Court of Human Rights has shut down probably the final hurdle that could have prevented or at least delayed the launch of the most powerful particle provider ever built. European chaos researchers argued that humans do not have the experience yet to control particles that could be created by the collider.

It is generally expected that LHC experiments may reveal the elusive Higgs boson, which would allow physicists to make progress within the Grand Unified Theory, connecting the forces of electromagnetism, strong force, weak force and gravity – and explain why gravity is a relatively weak force when compared to the other three. However, there is also a certain consent that collisions at unexplored energies could also create magnetic monopoles, supersymmetric particles and micro black holes.

Especially micro black holes have been used to paint a scary scenario, as some scientists suggest that stable micro black holes could remain on Earth, multiply and eventually “swallow” the planet. Other scientists, however, described such theories as “wild speculation”…

Interesting (and grim) article from TGDaily. September 21 we will either all be laughing at how stupid we are, or building spaceships to get the hell out of here…


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