What will be Ruby’s Legacy?

“..Ruby has proven to be a popular evolutionary language for PHP developers. Many PHP developers are self-taught amateurs with no formal CS backgrounds. This led to a more egalitarian, “nobody knows you’re a dog” bazaar community. By contrast, hundreds of thousands of dudes with Java degrees from the cathedral on the hill saw PHP as a toy language with script kiddies brutally hacking together forums and content management systems. It wasn’t taken seriously or seen as a solution to important problems.

Well, the script kiddies have grown up, and they like Ruby now. Except, it’s pretty hard to call JRuby, IronRuby, and soon MagLev toys…”

A humorous (and great) read from ReThink


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  1. John says:

    Very interesting read. I understand that I am in the group of non-CS of folks “playing” with ruby but I am not sure I agree with what seems to be the idea of there being two camps. Maybe it is because I came from PHP, which seemed to be a very open and sharing community. The comments at the end were really great though. Many of them hinted at some of my big concerns with ruby, abandoning of methods, and why it helps make ruby and rails so much better.


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