KDE 4.1 – Officially Worst Slogan Evar

Are you kidding me? Given how bug-ridden the 4.x releases have been so far, the creators of this slogan have to know the irony. It just doesn’t seem like very good PR to me…



  1. John Wallom says:

    Sounds like a great slogan to me. Reads something like “Hey, we are sorry we sucked in the past. Please. Please try our stuff again. We really are trying. Maybe.” They actually should just replace it with that. I think mine is a little catchier.


  2. I have to agree with it being a lousy slogan. But I never cared for slogans. I care about how good the software is. I contend they don’t NEED slogans. Just good software.

    Nice to see that you have gotten bitten by the Linux bug so hard 🙂


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