Adventures with Rails: Part Deux

The L****** management website continues to progress. I hope that I can finish it in time to present it at Georgia Summit this year.

The website periodically polls for active users in the L****** portal periodically via AJAX:

All of the links show work, as the website bootstraps “cptool”. This means that people can view near-realtime views of all users, enable accounts, reset passwords, etc. I see this page being useful for the helpdesk.

Also, you can view user information by selecting an account. I wrote a wrapper for the data that comes back, so this is accessible anywhere in the project:

Groups can also be viewed, complete with memberships, and adding / removing capabilities. Also, I have used the will_paginate plugin to make large data sets manageable:

Coming up will be the modular permissions management, and wizards for creating extracts from Banner and importing them into L******. Also, a Targeted Announcement wizard (which doesn’t suck) will be included that will allow for easy population selections from Banner and migrations into the portal.

After this point, I hope to have the website go in a limited live beta state, so that people can begin using the wizards, and the helpdesk can begin checking on accounts while I finish developing the rest.


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