The Obligatory Ubuntu 8.04 Post

You knew this was coming the day you saw the counter in the right hand column of my blog. I jumped at the opportunity to download the final product tonight. Bittorrent is really the best option for download at this point because the number of seeders are in the thousands.

If you have never tried / setup Linux do yourself a favor and download this version of Ubuntu now. This release includes a Windows installer (codename “Wubi”). I mounted my .iso file from the link previous into Daemon tools, and clicked on “Install” in the autorun screen. This installs Ubuntu into your Windows NTFS partition the same as any other application. You type in a password to use for the account, and you are ready to install!

Wubi Instlaler

When the computer restarts, you have a new boot option for Ubuntu, the same as if you had a combination of Windows 2000/XP/Vista on your machine. The initial boot launches a streamlined setup where I answered a grand total of zero questions. After about 10 minutes of hardware detection and configuration, I was sitting on the login screen with a fully working system. This means that the entire setup from mounting the .iso to sitting on a Linux desktop took less than 15 minutes!

Congratulations Ubuntu for bring your A game out with this release!

FYI: Everything else is shaping up to be quite sexy too…


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  1. “Bittorrent is really the best option for download at this point…”

    Screw that noise — . The amd64 disc is also up on alt.binaries.boneless. Use to find it.


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