Introducing Critter’s Delight

After a few months of planning and development, has finally launched! My wife has gone into the side business of pet sitting to give us some extra money through this new company. Congratulations to you sweetie for making it to the end of reading painful legal mumbo-jumbo to setup insurance, and tax documents. Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, we can have fun!

And a big thanks goes to Chris Baldwin who designed our logo, and our business cards. Also, a thanks to John Wallom for translating the printing process from Klingon to (near) English for me! I realized how much both of your skill sets surpass mine!

On a technical note, this was my first Ruby on Rails website, and my fifth (I believe – you lose count) professional website.

Critters Delight website


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  1. Bellona says:

    Yes thanks to everyone for helping with the site and stuff.


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