Native Amarok on Windows – No Tricks

KDE LogoFinally, a compelling reason for applications making the switch to KDE 4 – a complete operating system agnostic interface. Included in the new Qt 4 by TrollTech, the KDE 4 platform offers support for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Simply install a small framework package (similar to the way that GTK has to be installed now), and off you run! I think this is a pretty selfless approach for a development community. It keeps the focus of letting the most number of people run a particular program.

What I can’t wait for? Amarok.

Why should you care? I think that interfaces that only run on Linux suffer because a significant amount of developers that run Windows simply can’t contribute to a project. There are a lot of great projects out there that people don’t even know about because it doesn’t run outside of Windows/Mac OS X/Linux. This knocks down those Berlin walls of the development world, and lets in some fresh air.


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