Salt Lake City

Well, while you folks have been toiling away behind your prison desks, I have been enjoying the fabulous SLC. It has been a wonderful experience, but you do have to endure some pretty harsh weather this time of year.

Yesterday we went night skiing at Brighton. It was -8 F outside, and that was before the sun went down. I went down the bunny slope five times then Tom convinced me that I was ready for the next level. We cut across the slope over to the intermediate hill, and rode the ski lift to the top. It must have taken 5-6 minutes to complete the lift, which may not seem a lot (when its 90 F outside) but in that short amount of time, the moisture on my eyelashes would freeze, and I would lose feeling in my fingers and toes. I took the slope down and only fell twice – once intentionally (my brakes). Tom convinced me to even go again, and I am still alive! Quite the experience.

The S****** training was a snooze but we figured as much. The highlight of the trip has certainly been outside of the S****** headquarters. We did get to speak with the Project Manager for L******, and he certaintly has loft expectations for version 5. So much in fact, that after hearing what is in the works, I think we entered in two years too early (its release is late 2009). This version is beyond hope, but the next promises to decouple email, calendaring, messaging, and the works, so you only install what you need. Group studio will be revamped with integration with Facebook. The workflow is going to be drastically improved, and the entire p***** interface will be served up in Adobe Flex.

I have taken many pictures, but I didn’t bring the cable to connect the camera to my computer, but I will post them when I get back Friday night.


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