Are you Guilty of Anti-Patterns?

I have run into almost everything on this list at Clayton State. Organizations, project management, analysis, design, methodologies, and configurations all can become victims of anti-patterns. What is an anti-pattern? From Wikipedia:

The term anti-pattern originates in computer science, inspired by the Gang of Four‘s book Design Patterns, which displayed examples of high-quality programming methods. The authors named these methods design patterns, by analogy with the same term used in architecture. The book AntiPatterns … describes anti-patterns as natural counterparts or follow-ons to the study of design patterns. By formally describing repeated mistakes, one can recognize the forces that lead to their repetition and learn how others have refactored themselves out of these broken patterns.

(English please?) A pattern in this sense is a good practice to follow in whatever field your interests lie. An anti-pattern in this same context is classic destructive patterns that play the role of the evil twin.

Check out the known list of anti-patterns


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