Crysis is Out

I just picked up Crysis last night from Circuit City and got a great deal. Basically, buy this at $39.99:

Crysis box art

And get this $10 gift card too:

Circuit city gift card

Next, jump over to Gamespot’s hardware performance review to find out which settings to axe for optimal quality to performance. (I love the mouseover image quality comparisons). Seems like people without Ultra High (aka Windows Vista) aren’t missing anything.



  1. Johnathon says:

    Is ‘Very High’ only available on Windows Vista machines? I notice a fairly striking different between very high quality and high quality.

    I really want to play this game, but there’s going to have to be some other killer apps that come out before I drop $1000 on a new machine.


  2. Ben Simpson says:

    Yeah, Very High is supposed to be Windows Vista, but the Gamespot article says you can tweak the config files and enable the options on Windows XP. Looking at those screenshots though, I couldn’t pick up on hardly any differences.


  3. Brian says:

    Brian’s random quote of the day “I hate Vista”


  4. Ben Simpson says:

    Well, the hardcore gaming community doesn’t seem to be drinking the Kool-aid either. It would be extremely surprising to see a Windows Vista machine get higher framerates than a Windows XP machine on the same hardware.

    I have thoughts of going back to Windows 2000 even.


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