There is no Spoon

I have been on an extension hunt for Firefox lately. I found a handful of good extensions for Firefox a few years back, and have never really revisited the issue until a few days ago. I will throw caution into the wind and risk being yet another website listing my picks for extensions:

  1. ScribeFire – Features remote editing with popular blogging software including WordPress, and Blogger. In fact, it is what I am using to write this post right now – as I browse!
  2. Web Developer toolbar – a web developers dream come true, as CSS can be live edited, and forms manipulated without ever having to refresh the page. This is just the tip of the iceberg in its toolbox.
  3. FoxyTunes – more a convenience than new functionality. I can control my music without ever having to leave my browser. This is good since this is where I work 90% of the time.
  4. Google toolbar – I never found Google’s toolbar all that useful since I had a search box in the top right corner of my browser anyways. That is until I started using its other features. Particularly, the bookmarks are amazing. I can synchronize bookmarks across all my computers, and even tag them. I also like the highlighter tool to show where my search terms are in a page result.
  5. GreaseMoney – The infamous sandbox of Firefox extensions. This extension allows for further extensions to be installed. Kinda vague? with the Pagerization plugin, Google results continuously append to the existing page as I scroll down. The Digg plugin gives links to Duggmirror, with one click if a page has been Dugg out of existence. Do you store your username and passwords? If you do, Autologin will not only populate these fields, but go ahead and log you in as well. And finally, Textarea resize allows me to drag a textarea to the size I want, and even remembers my preferences for that page.
  6. Firebug – Have you ever wished that you could debug Javascript starting at a break point like an IDE provides? Well now you can, and all in browser, so you can see your code and variable values along with your page. Ajax is a lot less mysterious since Firebug can capture the results of incoming Ajax results in real time.
  7. Server Spy – Maybe its because I am damn curious, but I want to know what platforms are used when I go to a website. I lot of propaganda would have you believe the world runs IIS, but my personal experiences shows a lot less market share than you have been told.

Powered by ScribeFire.


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  1. Mike says:

    Web Developer toolbar saved my life back when creating CSS for the HUB website and still saves my life while doing my website.


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