Its a Small World Afterall

Funny thing happened to me today…

I have been fighting and fighting with our L****** implementation. We have been assigned technical consultants from S****** to assist us with problems and questions we have. The problem is that the line between “we can answer this for you”, and “you need a service engagement for $x” is razor thin. So, needless to say, the help we have been getting has been lacking. We asked a question to the consultants, and we were told it could be done, but that they would get back to us with the details, or something to that extent.
Well, today I had a breakthrough when I got the piece working that I have been tinkering with for weeks. I told my boss about the success, and he said “document it… document the hell out of it so we never have to go through this again” (paraphrasing of course). So I logged in to our campus wiki and made an entry for what I did.

As I reviewed the code I looked at it and thought that it was something that other people could really benefit from. I decided to copy and paste the code into, under my “blog” section. I saved my changes and checked my email and came back to the page. It hadn’t been up there for more than five minutes when our consultant was logged as having accessed my entry.

Not funny to you huh? Well go die.



  1. Johnathon says:

    The significance of the consultant checking your blog eludes me. Are you implying that the consultant was relying on you to fix the problem?


  2. I believe the consultant had no clue how to solve the problem so he was checking a community website for a solution. He found the solution. But the person for whom he was finding it is the one who wrote the description solution.


  3. Ben Simpson says:

    My thoughts exactly. Lets see what the service contract fee will be to implement this solution 🙂


  4. Brian says:

    Welcome to corporate support world. All though that guy sounds like an idiot.

    For us, the difference between we can answer that and that will cost you $ is the difference between if its break fix or implementation.


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