At Last, My Love has Come Along

You! Yeah, I am talking to you. I have a hostage and I am not afraid to shoot. Go get the Crysis demo and save this innocent man’s life! If you refuse, he is going out Darth Vader style.

Crysis screenshot


  1. I was never a fan of FarCry. I found the story to be weak, and the physics to be lacking – making gameplay akward.

    The demo for this is absolutely riveting though, so I can’t wait for the release of the game.


  2. I tried to run this demo on my PC last night… and wow. Just wow. Let me be the first to tell you, this game does not scale to ‘Low’ settings very well. Oh, and my computer sucks. LOL


  3. I have dual 512mb GeForce 7950’s.. and no plans to play this game, lol. There are way too many killer 360 releases that will be eating my time up instead.


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