Word to your Cool Co-workers




  1. JUDEN says:

    PLEASE dont tell me you posted this pic on ‘that’ website.


  2. Totally unrelated, I just want you to know I thoroughly enjoyed installing the Stylish extension just so I could add the following rule for this site:

    a:hover { cursor: pointer !important; }


  3. Bellona says:

    OMG! Too freakin funny.


  4. Brian says:

    Hey thats my pic I took.. You must of got that from Debye. I sent her some links to some photos last night.


  5. Ben Simpson says:

    “a:hover { cursor: pointer !important; }” – James

    Ha! Not to take your joy away, but I will do you the pleasure of removing this annoying bit of style! Haven’t had much of a chance to modify the base theme yet…


  6. Ben Simpson says:

    Brian, how can it be your picture if you are doing Travolta’s moves in it? j/k, it is – Debye sent some of these to me…


  7. Brian says:

    I set it on my desk with a timer. You know the little wing thing that is for speakers… 😛

    The Hub "Posse"


  8. Kelner says:

    god damnit I look like a d-bag. at least I was skinnier


  9. Matt Todd says:

    At least you don’t look like an epileptic walrus on ecstasy. :O


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