From Augusta with Love

We finished up at Georgia Summit this morning., and I will report our trip worthwhile. Our presentation was in the last slot possible (on the last day no less) so were we were convinced that no one outside of Clayton State would attend. Pat Barton reassured me that interest for our application was high, and that we would be surprised at the turnout. I remained skeptical until we were ready to begin – with probably 40-50 people in the room!
A funny thing happened half way through our presentation: As I talked about the configuration of the application, I looked around the room and saw some weird faces. I took the look as one of confusion, and paused to answer any questions, glancing specifically at a lady with a very strange face from Georgia College. When I asked if she had a question, she replied with “No, we are just amazed!” It was really satisfactory to hear such a response.

As of 3:00, we have had no less than 4 colleges contact us for information about our product. Its a small achievement, but in my head I see Steve Jobs and Woz standing at the front of their first electronics expo watching the mob of people beat at the glass doors holding them outside, waiting to get in and buy an Apple computer.

I have really put a lot of work into this application, and the feedback I am getting is making my efforts worthwhile. Nothing would make me happier than to see other people really benefit from code I helped write.

We had a great time, and enjoyed some of the dining Augusta had to offer – Nacho Mamas, Sconyers, and “1106”. Augusta is really a beautiful place, as I mentioned earlier. This time I have just a handful of images snapped at the convention. (More should be coming soon).

GA SummitGA Summit



  1. Bellona says:

    Glad you’re back babe. I missed you.


  2. Brian says:

    Congrats.. Glad it was a big success. 😀


  3. Kelner says:

    eeehhh Go go benny. I’m glad it’s turning out for you


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