Arrived this Morning

Well, we arrived this morning and checked into Ramada Inn. Augusta is a really beautiful city, and I regret now not having brought my camera. It is odd to hear people passing you say “Good morning”, and wait for a response. Well, we are about to go check on John Bryan in his hotel, then go down to the conference center.

Gonna grab some lunch first…

(John, if I don’t see you on AIM, if you dont mind, leave me a comment or something I can find with that list of restaurants to check out!)



  1. Bellona says:

    Hope you have some fun babe. I gotta figure out what I’m gonna do for dinner tonight.


  2. John says:

    Hey man, just trying to figure out where you are staying. There are at least two Ramada Inns that I know of. Anyway, I should be on most of tomorrow and will try to catch up with you.


  3. John Wallom says:

    Ok, here’s a list. No clue what’s near you though.
    Nacho Mamas
    –> Blue Sky
    Pizza Joint
    –> T-Bonz
    –> The French Market/TFM West
    My Friends Place
    –> Bee’s Knees (Tapas)
    White Elephant
    Wild Wings
    !!–> Rineheart’s (sp?)(seafood)
    Bowhevil (sp?)

    With a little driving…
    Old McDonald’s Fish Camp


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