Google Bookmarks

I don’t know if this is a new feature, so pardon my ignorance if this isn’t news. I love Google toolbar’s bookmarks feature. I can mark something at either home, or work, and it is there for me wherever I am. The problem? – I used to just have a long ass list of bookmarks without any sorting to them. It drove me nuts. I had Linux stuff, mixed with code, mixed with personal stuff – all impossible to find quickly.

That is until recently I logged into iGoogle and managed my bookmarks. Inside I noticed that you can apply labels. This was great, but made for an entire extra trip inside iGoogle to manage – still a pain in the ass.

That is until I got click happy after a few cups of coffee this morning and noticed that if you click the “blue star”, it fill in yellow (this isn’t the new part). If you click it again, it asks you if you want to apply labels to the bookmark. All without ever leaving the page you just marked. How cool is that?

Go Google for finally getting it right (or me finally figuring it out – not sure which)!



  1. John says:

    You may also want to dig a little deeper then that too. There is a link on their site that you can add to your bookmark bar or where ever that will allow you to actually just add whatever site you are on to your bookmarks and apply labels without leaving the site you are on.


  2. Yeah, it’s pretty old. Once they realized people were actually using Google put that out. I find it very inconvenient. Probably because I don’t use Google’s toolbar. I don’t know of anyway to import the Google bookmarks into the browser (and wasn’t aware of the Google toolbar integration until now). Using delicious2safari (, in combination with the bookmarklets, or the Firefox extention ( it’s easy to integrate bookmarks with the browser.

    While writing this, I found a Facebook thing that integrates with your account; neat.


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