Social Music

Today I added a new widget to my website to report what music I am listening to. This widget comes from the only social music site that I have ever found to give me relevant similar artists. It has been quite impressive to me since día uno. You can setup yourself on their website by creating an account (free of course) and installing their client (Windows, Mac, Linux) on your computer. The setup itself actually scans your machine for music players and downloads appropriate plugins for those players. Once the plugins are installed, you are done.

The icing on the cake was the widget on my website. I click the link for WordPress, and copied and pasted the script into a “text” type widget I created on my website. All graphical, and about as painless as it gets.

Well, now I just sit back and wait for my musical horizon to broaden. If you see something that interests you, or might interest me, give me a shout!


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