The Spin Doctor is in the Hiz-ouse

What they say:

SQL Navigator command list

Because SQL Navigator is so packed with useful features, it can sometimes be challenging to remember exactly where to access a specific command. Usually, right-clicking an object is all that is required to access the commands related to your current action.

If that doesn’t work, the following listing will help you locate commands; scan the alphabetical list of commands in column one and then read across to see which menu and/or toolbar contains the command.”

What they mean:

SQL Navigator command list

Because SQL Navigator has so many useless options that no one ever uses all crammed into our interface, it makes it quite horrible to find anything. You might find it “challenging” to keep your sanity as you hunt, and hunt, and hunt because our search feature is so beyond broke. Usually, an application will let you right click (sorry Mac users) on an item to access related contextual options, so this might have a cold chance in Hell of working. This functionality required effort on our behalf, so don’t get your hopes up too high.

When that doesn’t work (you shouldn’t be surprised) you can scan the following list of hundreds of commands after you have become sick of searching everywhere else. We might have bothered to include some vague reference to it just to wet your pallet. We have included an image of where you might find it, but our images are from a really old version, and we have moved around a lot of stuff since then, so it probably isn’t there anymore – we just wanted to prove someone has seen it.

Happy hunting!”


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