The Storm before the Calm

It has been a hellish few weeks here recently. My old boss presented (suckered) me into doing some side work. I jumped at the chance to work with Matt, and now we are down to the wire as we are implementing the last of the functionality before it goes live tomorrow. The final residing address will be

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At work I have been busy doing a little here, and a little there. For the first time in a while I have been given enough side work that I can’t focus on channel development for L******. I find this more than a coincidence, as I think Tom realized how burned out I was. I have gotten to work on some stuff for the HUB again, though Administrative Systems, and as always it was a good feeling to produce something for the analysts to use. Debye has talked to me about doing some training for the new staff. Basically, she is going to run them though the gauntlet of the really in-depth training sessions I did last semester to see who holds out to the end. Looking at my old material again, I am amazed at how fuzzy that part of my brain is.

In class, I have my final tonight, and then I am done. After considering the pre-requisite hell in order to transfer into Ga Tech, I have considered other colleges. It would be at least Fall semester after next before I could take classes at Georgia Tech. Specifically I am going to do some research on Georgia State to see what kind of computer program they have.

Georgia Summit is in September, so I have created a rough draft of the presentation we will be using. I actually hate Powerpoint presentations, as I always found them boring and uninformative. I hope that we can do what we did in Athens and run the application live and send some real files though. It is so much more engaging then clicking to the next slide. We have to have a presentation summary though, because they form a collection of the presentations to distribute to those who could not attend. Our presentation can be seen here: XAP Importer presentation (pdf)


  1. Well, the form is just a static page. The code generation it does is all Javascript, and it is just for display. You actually have to copy and paste the commands into a terminal to run them. Either way, it looks like the .htaccess files have been generated now, so it directs away from that setup page.


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