Work has been really complex the last month, and I have complained about it a lot. I didn’t realize that the difficulties at work made me appreciate the things outside of work as much as I do. This Friday, a lot of folks from the HUB ate at Longhorn, just like old times. Matt Todd can attest to my attitude earlier in the day from working with me on Samantha’s website (sorry Matt). I was so irritated I almost didn’t go out to eat. A few hours with good company turned me around, and I was so glad that I went. Thanks for the beer Matt, even though I know it was probably for you more than me 🙂

Saturday night we visited John and Anna, and I got to see Chris for the first time in probably months. We are all kinda broke, so we had a taco night pot luck. I even made my own pico de gallo to celebrate the occasion. After I loaded myself up with several burritos and a Dairy Queen blizzard (over the course of a few hours), I decided it would be a good time to break out the DDR mat I brought. I did a couple of the new songs John has, but I had to cut it short from the feeling of ice cream curdling in my stomach. I was amazed that the same pad that didn’t work on my PSX did work on John’s PS2. Apparently the connections are slightly different. After seeing all of the new songs that are available to DDR, I am really tempted to go pickup a PS2. My only problem is its hard to guess where the PS3 will be in a year, and I hate to waste $129. If anyone wants to sell me a PS2 please contact me. Later, we watched a movie that wasn’t spectacular, but I really enjoyed the whole experience. I felt completely restored.

Sunday, we even got to have lunch with Lisa (whom I also haven’t seen in months). I played Age of Empires III: The War Chiefs for many hours. Yes Matt, I even found time to contribute what I could to the Samantha project.

After a weekend like that, I can really come in on Monday and feel like Java and I are on a level playing field. I have the strength to be really persistent, something I haven’t had lately. The semester is coming to an end, the Samantha project is progressing, and I am finally writing some pretty complex Java. Take that world, I still have some fight left in me!



  1. John says:

    I have a PS2 I am would like to get rid of. Just send me a line and we’ll work something out. Also wanted to say that two more posts referring to java and I am gonna start calling you Sofa 😉


  2. Johnathon says:

    We had a great time Saturday. I am glad I was able to steal… err, I mean ‘borrow’ your DDR mat. I’m really having a blast with it. You need to find a way to pirate… err, ‘borrow’ my DDR games so we can both have them, capiché?


  3. Ben Simpson says:

    “You need to find a way to pirate… err, ‘borrow’ my DDR games” – Jonathon

    Sounds like magic marker time!


  4. Kelner says:

    weeeeeee yeah longhorn was fun. I like to hear the ramblings of an angry white man while I chew on some tasty steak.


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