I Leveled Up in Java

Things are much easier now that Jeff Chastine pointed me in the direction of some very useful resources. It is always good to view information (even if its basic), because it seem that you always miss something.

Today I discovered how to integrate the Java API documentation inside of Eclipse and its code-assistance features. This is very similar to the way that Visual Studio provides explainations for C# and VB.NET semantics. For anyone stumbling across this entry from a web search, download the JDK, not the JRE, and tell your application to use this runtime instead. Also, I found that you have to open the “Javadoc” view. This creates yet another tab inside of an already overwhelming interface, but I just moved mine down to the bottom where the console output is. With this view open, the documentation is now visible inside of your editor when you press keys like period.

What is even better, is I can create my own Javadoc documentation. I am sure that other languages all offer something similar, but I have never really explored this. When I create a class, I now have Eclipse configured to generate a Javadoc stub above the class pre-populated with the variables passed to the constructor. I did this by opening up “Preferences” -> “Java” -> “Code Style” -> check “Automatically add comments…”. Now, when I create a class, it does all of this comment formatting already, and I am ready to drop in my definition. When other people access my classes, it shows up in their code auto-completion.

I am going to go ahead and make this standard practice, since everything else about L****** has to be so damn complicated. At least understanding my code will be easier.



  1. Kelner says:

    Jeff is a p-i-m-p


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