Presentation in Athens!

For those following all the drama of the XAP Importer utility I have updates! Today, Tom and I went to the OIT headquarters for Georgia in Athens for our presentation of the utility for the board. I was surprised to see one of my correspondences from the University of West Georgia there to see my presentation.

The purpose of the presentation was for us to show what we had would be a worthwhile utility to support officially at the state level. Concerns existed for the security, reliability, and simplicity of our project. I am pleased to say I felt we exceeded all expectations. The source will have to be extensively reviewed and tested before support is official, but the preliminary signs look promising.

We were invited to the Georgia Summit convention this September to demonstrate again to any schools that are interested in adopting the technology. Pat even took Tom and I out to lunch, her treat!

I would like to thank Scott, Matt, Chris Baldwin, Chris Kelner, and Jimmy for sitting through the test run of our presentation. Because of the feedback gathered from that session, we gave a flawless presentation.



  1. Bellona says:

    Awesome job babe. I’m so proud of you.


  2. Jeff says:



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