Nero 3

…for Linux – w00t!

Nero 3

This is the kind of industry support that Linux really needs! Beautiful application that “just works”!



  1. I really don’t see any point in this. The only use I see for it is to burn .nrg files which are not a standard format in the first place. It just doesn’t make any sense to use the .nrg format in Linux since the ONLY application that understands it is a proprietary one. Well, there is nrg2iso but that just converts the nonstandard to standard.


  2. Ben Simpson says:

    It is exciting, not because it fills a gap in open source projects, but because it shows that another industry leader is taking Linux support seriously. The chasm of quality between Nero 2 and Nero 3 make it look like a completely different company. They really went all out on this release.


  3. Well, I just found a use for this software. It seems that growisofs won’t write a file larger than 4GB to any media (even if it has room). It looks like the Nero Linux port will. But I can’t write the file I want to write because my NEC ND-2500A (flashed to support dual layer discs) won’t recognize the Memorex discs I have. It sees the disc and recognizes that there are 8GBs free, but it won’t write to it 😦


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