The Most Useless Internet Feature Ever

I would like to bring to your attention today a little plugin that annoys the crap out of me. It seems to be becoming ubiquitous and I don’t really understand why. What I am talking about is the infamous pop-up word context link. Usually they are marked with two green underscore lines on a keyword on a web page. The link is completely useless as the keyword is often interpreted in the wrong context. In addition to being useless it slams your browser speed to a halt for a fraction of a second while it loads all kinds of crap like transparent window borders, and link to another website and pulls its contents into its own little window. Whats worse is it does all this not with a click, but with a “mouse-over” event, so you can be scrolling quickly through a page and still accidentally hit it. Some awesome screenshots are below:

Popup graphic Popup graphic
Am I just completely crazy? Does anybody actually use this garbage? I can’t wait for this fad to die…



  1. castorjay says:

    man, i hate that shit.


  2. Brian says:

    Is this in IE only or firefox also?


  3. Ben Simpson says:

    Everywhere there is Javascript…

    elinks is immune 🙂


  4. Kelner says:

    that shit is like taking it in the ass.


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