Supreme Command Beta is Out!

Seriously, wtf is up with websites that redirect you 5+ times to download the dame file? What happened to hosting crap yourself? After some looking around, I found a good connection here.

If you don’t know what Supreme Commander is, then you are NOT an old-school computer gamer. Oh, and skip the Silverfall demo.

UPDATE: After playing this demo I was really disappointed. I can remember playing the original Total Annhiliation for days and days and loving every upgrade, or new weapon that I got. I remember playing these epic battles with these advanced machines, and shooting my Commander’s death ray. I still remember the two faction’s names – the Arm and the Core.

The Supreme Commander demo opens with a 5+ minute pre-rendered cut scene (something I hate on demos because it is just more that I have to download). The CGI is beautiful and they set you up with certain expectations. When the game begins, the first thing that you will immediately notice is that the HUD takes up more than a third of the screen. Your units are also microscopic. You can zoom in on your units, but there is no way to reduce the HUD footprint. I never really got past that.

The mission opens up with asking you to build 3 refineries, 3 power plants, an airport, and 5 bombers. This means an hour goes past with absolutely no action. I captured a point to the south, then my bombers “intelligently” decided without orders to engage fighters north of my base. 30 minutes worth of work was destroyed in about 10 seconds. Planes are not an option at this point, so you are left to attack from the ground. You are only given light vehicles with no upgrades. A turret took out a whole squad of units in another 10 seconds.

In a last-ditch-before-I-quit-the-game move, I built over a hundred units, and fighters over the next 30 minutes with multiple airports and vehicle bays and launched wave after wave of underpowered squads at their base. I don’t think I took out a single turret.

Let me summarize all that crap I said above into one little line – this game needs some work before shipping. It just wasn’t fun.


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