Name that Tune

Computers are infamously known for working in a regimented fashion. They lack the very thing that makes us human – the ability to reason. A database or a search engine can return keyword matches in milliseconds with sometimes clairvoyant qualities. Getting results that are based off of something that isn’t a string is much more difficult. Draw a picture and get your computer to return images that look like your drawing. Sing part of a song and have it tell you who the artist is. I hope that computing in the future breaks these walls down and makes tasks like this become as easy as keyword searches are now. is doing just this. Using the near-ubiquitous flash player, Midomi connects to your microphone and records what you are singing. My success rate was 4 out of 5 songs – the longer you sing, the better your chances at finding the correct artist seems to be. Maybe its just because I am a good singer 🙂

Seriously, check this one out – it will make you smile.


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