Feudalism and Valdis

I have finally done it – I have beat Valdis. I started to play Dungeon Seige 2 about three weeks back, having never really given it a chance. It was given to me as a birthday present by my brother, and I installed it, played co-op with him for a day, and then forgot about it. The first level sucks, but it really gathered momentum, as you are cast into a fighting system that is a cross between Diablo II, and Gauntlet Legends. It must have taken 80+ hours to finish the game, but I report success – Valdis is dead!

In personal news, Kristin desperately wanted to go to Midieval Times located in Sugar-hoe parkway at Discovery Mills. It was quite impressive for anyone that can really get into that time period. As I play video games, I think that I fit the stereotype perfectly. Close to five hundred people are seated in a stadium-like room centered around the arena floor. You are taken along a story of deception and doom as prophecised by a Seer, while Knights joust and fight with swords, axes, and a mace. The dinner is a five course meal that is eaten with no utensils, authentic to the period (except for the coffee at the end).

I didn’t call anyone or go anywhere this three day weekend, and I apologize. I however did enjoy myself, and I did get caught up on almost everything that I needed to do. I hope everyone’s weekend was as great as mine. Mr. Templeman, we will hang out again, I promise!



  1. Brian says:

    I work around a mile away from discover mills right across the street from whore contry club.


  2. Ben Simpson says:

    Right across the street? Now I know why you chose that house… j/k


  3. Bellona says:

    I had a great time once we got there! Thanks for taking me. Luv ya.


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