So Sick of iPhone

In the last 7 days, Digg has had 56 iPhone stories that have made it to the front page. There have been 1544 stories with iPhone that did not make it to the front page. (Checked Saturday @ noon)
This makes 1600 stories about a cell phone. I understand it is a hot item, but there is a war in Iraq for Christ sake. Slashdot has 25 stories about iPhone, not just in the last 7 days but ever.

As someone who won’t rush out to by one, it will be excruciating as a consumer to see “iPhone” accessories everywhere I go. Products might include iPhone speakers, iPhone bluetooth headset, iPhone carrying case, iPhone car charger, iPhone screen cleaner, iPhone jukebox, iPhone wallet, and just about anything else iPhone zealots will scrape up just because it has a lowercase “i” in front of a product.

I am done ranting, this is just a social experiment.


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  1. I subscribe to Macrumors’ and Ars Technica’s Mac news feeds. Some interesting stuff comes across them from time to time that is specific to the Mac. But if you think that digg site has been going on about the iPhone, you haven’t seen anything. The two sites I mentioned have been drooling over rumors of this damn thing for months. At least one article a week (and that was rare). I can’t wait for this thing to be released and for people to get the hell over it. It’s just a damn phone that plays music with a fancy interface.


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