Christmas Downtime

Wow, it has been a while since this website was viewable to you folks. The server has changed (although in a way, it hasn’t). The physical desktop that this resides on has been changed to a desktop in Administrative Systems. The actual web server runs in a virtual machine via VMware player. Speed wasn’t an issue until I had to move to the new desktop with 512MB of RAM. Total. I am confident that I can pony up some more RAM from somewhere soon.

Christmas break was absolutely wonderful. For those that don’t know, I had a job-change crisis and decided that I wanted to drive a red Crystler Sebring convertible. For Christmas, Kristin got me new computer hardware, so I will delightfuly upgrade. I got her some wedding photos in frames, candles, and various other odds-and-ends.

Yesterday, Matt Camenzuli came down from Canada on a road trip. We had dinner with him and his friend at Buffalo Wild Wings. Apparently, popcorn shrimp is facinating to Canadians.

Kristin and I had New Years at Chris Baldwins house and we had a blast. It was really fun to get together with folks outside of work. I have been wondering how that will go with my new job. Job updates coming soon.

And hold on through the slow website transition.


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