Job Change

I have decided to accept a position offered to me from Administrative Systems, still OITS, but a sister department to Client Support Services (The HUB). The decision has been a difficult one for me, but I feel that this move will allow me to grow professionally. I will get a chance to work with enterprise applications including Oracle, PeopleSoft, and SCT to name a few. This is an opportunity that I could have only received by already having worked in an adjacent area. The skills that I will learn will be invaluable in my career down the road.

The HUB has been a family to me for the last three years. I have seen many people come, and many people go, but the work attitude has always been the same – fantastic. I can without a doubt say that this is the best job that I have ever had the opportunity to work at. Though this job I have made a lot of friends (few enemies fortunately), learned many skills, found a sense of belonging, became involved in my campus, and met a beautiful girl that I ended up marrying. Those are things beyond price.
It is difficult to leave something that you know is so good. I won’t have to wait a few months down the road to realize what I have left. Life presses ever-on though, and I am fortunate to be able to work in the same area and keep friendships with the same great people.



  1. Kelner says:

    😦 Sad to see you go Ben. Be sure to stop by and say hello once in awhile. You will be missed!


  2. Brian says:

    Glad to see that your found a position that you like. Kelner he hasent left he is like 4 doors down from VS. LOL Well hopfully I will be down soon and be able to see you all.


  3. Mike says:

    Congrats Ben, I know you will do well. Get a year or so in, and come work for Banner/Peoplesoft group at the BOR in Athens so we can go back to Moes for lunch!


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