DVD Slideshow

I have been playing around with DVD slideshow software, and I have been less than impressed at what is available for Linux. I have taken “dvd-slideshow” and “dir2slideshow” and used them together with a PHP script that I brewed to get the result that I wanted for a particular effect called “Kenburns”. It is most recognizable as Apple’s photo screensaver which zooms and pans in random directions. Had I not wanted this specific effect (the only awesome effect in the package), then I could have used ManDVD to get the job done. ManDVD doesn’t seem to have a maintainer, a website, or a community, so I doubt we will ever see this effect added to this software package.

Dvd-slideshow utility wanted specific values for the Kenburns transitions, ex: ./IMG_5842.JPG:10::kenburns:69%;59%,47%;79%;bottomleft

The values correspond to “image:subtitle:effect:beginning zoom level: panning start position:end zoom level: panning end position”. One can certainly have granular control over the entire operation, but this is getting way too tedious to render a slideshow. Really, who cares where the images zooms, and pans to, as long as it is tasteful right? So I could plug in a few numbers, but with almost 200 lines like this, and not wanting to have the same effect duplicated, I decided to cook up a script that generates random numbers (within reason, of course) . I consider this the tasteful defaults that should come with either utility mentioned above to take the pain out of this task.

In the spirit of open-source, if anyone is interested in this script, it can be found here.

A few more notes: I had approximately 180 images (each being about 3MB) all running through the Kenburns effect. Between these images, I had a crossfade transition lasting 2 seconds. This project took slightly less than 24 HOURS TO RENDER!

I hope that dvd-slideshow is further developed, as it is a great start on filling a Grand Canyon-sized hole of multimedia development on the Linux desktop.



  1. Bellona says:

    Holy rusted metal Batman! When did you change your site? I like it.


  2. John says:

    Wow. 24 hours to render is insane. How in the world did you of all people have the patience to wait for that? You cry when you have to wait 15 seconds for a render at work.


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