Thanksgiving Weekend

During my time off, I have been surprisingly productive around the house. No, Hell hasn’t frozen over, I just feel inspired. On Thursday, my folks went over to Kristin’s folk’s house and we had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. Mom brought over sweet potato casserole (my favorite dish) and it was as good as I hoped I remembered it being. I actually chose to eat more of that in leau of dessert. Kristin’s mom made a peanut butter pie, and Kristin’s dad made a pumpkin cheesecake.

Yesterday I installed the car stereo and speakers I got for Kristin’s birthday. Everything except the back door speakers was a breeze. The front door panels are held in place by three screws and snap plastics – however the back doors are fastened in 20 different places each. Everything worked on the first test except the front left speaker. The unit was smart enough to tell me it was a wiring failure. I glanced over the directions to discover that both the speaker cable, and the amplifier had the same white-black pattern. I switched them, and “rebooted” and everything worked! The system is a huge improvement over the other (which was made out of cardboard).

Today I worked with both Kristin’s dad, and my dad on the fence. Our neighbor retracted his deal of letting us connect to his, so we will be running two sides of the fence after all. This meant clearing a small forest. Even with accidentally dropping a tree we chainsawed on the neighbor’s fence, I would consider today a success. My hands will be blistered tomorrow, I am sure. For right now I am exhausted enough to make this post un-entertaining. Pizza is on the way, and I am on the way to sleep.

I hope everyone’s holiday was as delightful (and maybe even as productive) as mine!


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  1. Johnathon says:

    I’m sorry for not commenting on your website. I’ll try not to let it happen again. 😛

    I know we say this constantly, but we seriously do need to get together and hang out or something. I haven’t had the chance to hang out with ‘Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Simpson’ yet. AKA I haven’t seen you guys since the wedding. 🙂 But things are crazy here at the last of the semester, so maybe some time before or after the holidays, we can all get together and do… something. 😀


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