Down with the sickness!

This weekend I was given the gift of sickness. It started Thursday with a sore throat, then moved to a sore throat plus drainage, to finish off the weekend with drainage and a headache. I am almost fully recovered now, just in time to go back to work on Monday. Yay!

My weekend wasn’t completely unproductive however, as I battled sickness to begin constructing a fence for our little dog. The work should go pretty fast, as we only have to place fencing on the sides of the house, and then join to existing fences on two sides. Basically, we are just running one side and joining it to our house. I am sure it will be a merry Christmas for Kayle.

Kristin’s birthday is today, so we celebrated by opening her gift from me earlier in the week. I got her a Sony Xplode stereo system and four new Xplode speakers for her truck. This particular model has a front auxiliary in jack, so she can connect her MP3 player into the dash.

Happy birthday sweetie!


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