ManDVD – Something easy for Linux?!

Recently, I got the idea in my head that I wanted to create a DVD slide show for my wedding photos. As usual, I found myself in an all too familiar position of a lack of quality software for Linux to do such a task. A few Google searches for said tasks turned up cryptic command-line tools and configuration of XML files to get the job done. I wasn’t satisfied with this answer and I wanted something a little, well easier. I stumbled upon ManDVD, a French project for creating slide shows. I have to say that once I installed all the dependencies (not necessarily the applications fault) I was blown away at the quality of the product. This software is almost commercial grade. It isn’t on par with iMovie, or any Adobe, or Final Studio products, but it is certainly the best product available to Linux users.

Once I started using the product, I had a few snags and quickly discovered that French software = French documentation. My three years of French in high school wasn’t quite enough to get me through the forums when I got stuck. In case anyone out there in the wide world of the Internet is in the same position that I was, and with my constant motto of “if it sucks, change it”, I decided to make a tutorial (in English!) for using the program. Enjoy!



  1. Mandvd_Maintener says:

    Sorry for you ! But a new start for ManDVD is Manslide which is the futur part of new ManDVD… and now you can do everything you say :

    It’s here :

    Stéphane the creator of ManDVD


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