Jobs, Wedding Photos, and Rainbow Tables

It has been an event-filled few weeks for me since I have been back. I have had to quantify what about my job makes me love waking up every morning and coming into work. More on that in the next few months. As for right now, I seem to have found myself in a very familiar position of document refinement. My boss had just discovered that being an editor is one of my passions and is pushing rough-drafts into my inbox to shine up.
Matt Todd has (after what seemed like a small eternity because of excitement) given us our wedding photos. Many of the shots are breathtaking, and I will be posting many of them on the website in the near future. I am thinking about changing Image Gallery software, as the current one isn’t 64MB virtual-machine-friendly.

On the technology front, I read an interesting article on the implementation of Rainbow tables. The theory is that during a brute force hash cracking, the majority of time is absorbed around generating test hashes. A rainbow table moves away from a brute force approach, and towards a database hash lookup. On a LM alpha-only password, the time to break has been reduced from ~8 days to just minutes.  This is an interesting read if you are interested in securities. As an interesting side note, on a 3.2 Ghz Pentium processor, the hashing algorithm to create a Blowfish password hash was clocked at 448 times in a second, versus 4,524,000 times in a second for LANMAN hashes. Which would you rather have?


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  1. Mohsin says:

    Congratulations on getting married Ben and starting your new life together.
    What does one have to do to get some pictures around here. 🙂


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