Puerto Vallerta with my love

As of Sunday night, actually Monday morning, I am back from our Honeymoon to Puerto Vallerta, Mexico. With the exception of the airport security, the entire trip was something out of a dream.

We left Sunday morning after the wedding died down. We had all of our liquids thrown in the trash at the security checkpoint, and almost missed our flight. The lady at the check-in desk had to reopen the doors to the plane to let us on board. I think that they realized that we were honeymooners. We arrived in Mexico after being routed through Houston to find that hundreds of people wanted to taxi us to our resort It is quite a culture shock to be bombarded with solicitations right off the plane.

The first day we stayed at the resort and had some margaritas while looking at the sunset. I found out that it is about $1 a minute to call home from Mexico, versus .10 a minute to use the Internet and send an email to someone. The next day we decided to go into town on a tour through the city. After visiting the church we managed to lose our group and found ourselves back in the middle of culture shock in the middle of a city full of solicitations. We panicked for a while, then ended up at a Hooters at a very Americanized boardwalk at the front of the city. We headed back without any issues, safely to the resort.We had our share of all we could eat themed cuisine and an endless supply of drinks. We had many dinners overlooking the bay facing the city. We sat and while eating, watched the cruise ships dock and leave the cities. A few days later we went on a Snorkeling tour and Horseback riding through the mountain to go to a waterfall. I loved every minute of it.
We had a great vacation, and I will have pictures up soon in the Image Gallery. Thank you to everyone who came to the wedding and to everyone that has helped make this work. The support of friends and family is something that cannot be replaced for anything.


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