Edgy Eft Beta Reviewed!

Well, recently the articles from Digg.com dealing with Edgy Eft have been pouring in. Dapper Drake ended up being a pretty big disappointment to me, as it didn’t seem like they got a lot of the basics right. How does Edgy Eft compare? I know they are in beta, but with a little over a month before the official release. I think I can get a pretty good sense of where the distribution stands. Rather than cluttering my main page, this info can be seen in my Edgy Eft Review.

Also, my Windows / Stepmania 3.9 / DDR mats have been pissing me off recently. The central issue of this setup is that Windows maps the USB game pad arrows to axis and not buttons. This means that you can press Left OR Right, not both, so jumps are impossible. The workaround is to “unlock” the Windows game controller software to map to buttons, not axises, then route these buttons through Stepmania. Recently, this settings has been reverting back to axis mapping every 20-30 seconds, making completing even a single song impossible. Also, when the machine restarts, you have to do all of this mapping over again. Pain in the ass.

This is where Stepmania 4.0 Beta comes in. I install the CVS build for Windows and prayed for something better. I was shocked to find a world of difference. When I fired up the game, I saw that it detected the specific model of my game pad, and auto mapped all of the stuff internally. No more heartache. I changed a few preferences and jumped straight into the game with newfound energy. The team at Stepmania has done an amazing job, so I encourage all DDR fans to check it out!


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