I just got back from the Novell sponsored event at the Hyatt in downtown Atlanta. Traffic in Atlanta, btw is absolutely miserable. It took 2 hours to get there (versus 25 minutes to come back). It is really odd to me to see “Linux” on banners and projectors as it is always the red-headed unsupported platform to vendors. The event showcased SLES 10 and SLED 10 as well as discussed the ambitious goals of Novell. I got to see Linux in a light I have never seen before – one that is backed by an established company who is serious about their place in the market.

I arrived (late) to the discussion on Virtualization on SLES 10, and it has built in support for Xen. It was amazing how easily you could pass resources from one machine to the other. Systems could be instantly suspended at the click of a button and its resources re-allocated elsewhere. There is a company that took this to the extreme of moving from 40 physical servers down to 4 virtual servers housed on one machine.

The entire presentation, as well as demonstrations of the administrative tools, and the user experience were all shown in real-time on a projector in the conference room. It was cool to watch a lot of the technologies like Beagle, and Xgl demonstrated to everyone – and to see their reactions.

I spoke with Kevin (the presenter), and John (the Southeast Regional Manager for Novell) at the conference. Everyone was very enthusiastic about the material and the audience was engaging.

In other news, Kristin had her bridal shower last weekend and I want to thank everyone who contributed to that experience. We really feel loved, and our house looks like Christmas right now. I am happier than ever about the wedding and can’t wait until October.

Hope to see everyone Thursday (I will try not to eat a big lunch!)


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