I have had a well rested weekend. It started with me spending all day Friday with my brother. It always amazes me how much we have in common. I laughed until I cried playing Dungeon Seige II with him.

The next day was followed with the LAN party at Clayton State. We fired up Battlefield 1942 and Enemy Territory with about 4 people on each team. Battlefield is really a delight to play now that everyone’s machines can run it at 60 fps at full details. I can remember CJ flying through the air and gunning me down as I shot back in horror (we happened to be on the same team at the time). I also paired up with Scott MacCombie to take some of the posts in the jeep that he “acquired”. After we took every single point in a line, we realized that the other team had taken each point back from us right after we left. The dialogue was hilarous with lines soundling like they came from Jay in Dogma after they grabbed his head. The day’s funniest part hands down went to Scott MacCombie running into James Sumners in the Jeep. The ragdoll physics showed me what someone hitting the windshield of a jeep going 80 MPH and getting stuck with his dead arms slapping me while I was in the passanger’s seat would look like.

The weekend was topped off spending some time with Kristin (to her delight after I spent the last two days straight playing video games). We went to Target and ate at Buffalo Wild Wings – without David. I hope that everyone is as rested as me. It definitely gave me some needed change from the stress at work.

Hopefully I will see you all on Monday. No news from Kristin’s parents about her grandmother is good news. We are keeping our hopes up that she will pull though this.



  1. Kelner says:

    ben you gotta be more hardcore and stay until 4am 😎


  2. Johnathon says:

    Glad you had a good time. Also glad to see a post that doesn’t involve Linux, or a derivative thereof. 😛


  3. Siege says:

    Yeah… I had a lotta fun in the air that night. Everyone needs target practice! That was an awesome time. 😀


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