Thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday. My day was the big 6-6-06, the mark of the beast. My brother drove up to the campus from Conyers (a scary though) just to have lunch with me. Kristin got me a brand new, and much needed computer chair. Now I don’t feel like I am shattering my tailbone while I sit and type. My folks are going to take me to an undetermnied restaurant this Friday evening.

Big news for Brian Hursey who will be married on Saturday. Congratulations man, and I will see you there. I still can’t believe it. I remember two years ago when he told me his plans – “I am going to graduate from college, get married to Katrina, and get a house”. Everything is happening, in that order. I can’t say that I have been as dedicated to school, even though I should.

At work I have my temporary office of Joyce’s office while she is on leave. This is all part of my social experiment to find out where I am most happy and productive.

And in the electronic world, Relic and THQ (famous for Dawn of War) are releasing a new game, “Company of Heroes”. The game is built around a physics engine instead of its effects being an afterthought. It really does bring in that “action” that so many games that are just pretty seem to miss. The empty streets of Elder Scrolls: Oblivion sorely come to mind. Not like my computer could handle it anyways. Well, a pic and more info below:

Company of Heroes on Gamespot


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